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Mary Ebunoluwa Lucas-Afolalu is a sculptor who works to pursue a narrative that reaches the apex between the physical and digital realms. Born and raised in South London and Essex, she extracts heavily from her identity and experiences.

She has been investigating space and its relationship to occupation, culture and perception for the last year. She manipulated the physicality of fabrics with sculptures, then transformed them with 3D programs. She is contrasting and intertwining the physical and digital worlds to create that which transcends the limitations of being a designer.

Like a dance often with her own body, she chooses to use or abandon it to focus on the mind in her practice. She re-creates intimate moments and experiences that resonate with her soul and seeks to ask questions with her work, wondering ‘what if?’ and ‘Why not’ in this world and the times we live in. 

Previously she graduated from the London College of Fashion with a degree in Fashion Design and Technology, specialising in Menswear and has experience in the fashion industry working for suppliers and brands. The immediate next steps in her practice will involve taking the 3d elements she has learned further, developing the digital back into the physical realm and creating experiences with this.

She doesn’t see herself as just a designer making clothes. You should walk into a room and be surrounded by her message. Have it on your phone or computer, your body, and your mind. You play with it, work with it, listen to it, observe and interact with it on many different levels by transforming small elements into whole worlds. This work could appear in public exhibitions, installations, video games, the entertainment industry, or interiors. She is building for people to enter and interact with her in many different ways and mediums; her work could appear anywhere as long as the values that are important to Mary are present. 

Her main principle is balance in every aspect of life. Balance involves equity, empathy and constant change. She constantly questions reality, referencing her identity, culture and Individuality, and always working in a regenerative practice through play and care. Multiple levels of interaction and engagement are also crucial aspects of her practice. It is important that whatever she does, she celebrates her communities and that outputs are unique and authentic to her as an individual and promote a world full of balance. Her main themes include culture, space, perspective and kinetic flow. 

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